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Rudra Solar Energy Has Planned to appoint dealers for the solar cookers all over India. As leading manufacturer of solar cookers Rudra solar energy is getting daily nos of inquiry for the solar cookers from all over India. We are having currently dealer at mumbai, vashi, hydrabad, banglore, surat, vadodara. Also we are going to expand it in entire country. we have our satisfied customers in kolkata,Chennai, Mumbai, Banglore, Sirsi etc. Also we have supplied cookers in ONGC like reputed company.
As there is raising of the price of petroleum gas and the fuels are being costly day by day the solar cookers is the only future best option. and as business point of view it is also very sound. there is very bright future of solar cookers and very good business opportunity also. We are in the plan of good packing and the better supply chain management so that each and every Indian can have the benefits of the solar cookers.
If one who is already in the field of solar business they can send their inquary about the dealership in their area with very small investment we will guarantee them they will have very good business.
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