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Concentrating Solar Cookers

Earlier we have seen the solar box Cookers. Now we will discuss about the Concentrating Solar Cookers also Known As Parabolic Solar Cookers. This type of solar cookers are very much used in all over the world due to the faster cooking ability. They are also known as solar dish cookers. As per the constructional point of view there are many design available in this type of solar cookers. Main Parts Of Concentrating Solar Cookers As per the figure you can have a idea about the simple construction of concentrating solar cookers. The main Parts are Reflecting Structure: Mainly all concentrating solar cookers are made with parabolic shape in circular or rectangular profile. Reflecting material can be anodized aluminium sheet, reflecting mirror or any other reflecting media with reflectivity more then or equal to 90. This will reflect all the sun rays to one focal point known as focus of the parabola. Cooking Pot: At the focus of the parabola the heat is maximum due to concentration of th

Solar Box Cooker

Continuing with the previous post Let us Talk About the Solar Box Cookers. Going ahead about Solar Box cooker we will first look at the advantages and disadvantages of solar cookers. Solar cookers are devices that use solar energy to cook food. Advantages 1)No requirement of cooking gas or kerosene, electricity, coal or wood. 2)No need to spend on fuel, as solar energy is available free. 3)Food cooked in solar cooker is nutritious. About 10-20% of protein retention is more as compared to that in conventional cooking .Vitamin thiamine retention is about 20 to 30% more whereas vitamin A is retained 5 to 10% more when food is cooked in solar cooker. 4)Solar cooking is pollution free and safe 5)Solar cookers come in various sizes. Based on the number of family members, the size of the cooker can be chosen 6)All cooking activities (like boiling, roasting) can be done using a solar cooker Disadvantages 1) The First And the Most Condition Is Adequate sunshine is required for cooking 2) Takes

Types of Solar Cookers

Types Of Solar Cooker Solar cookers are one of the simplest and oldest device to harness the Free Solar Energy as per the Constructional and Temperature range there are lots of design available for solar cookers. main classification is based on the constructional point of view. 1. Solar Box Cookers 2. Concentrating Solar Cookers 3. Panel Cookers 4. Steam Cooking Systems. 5. Community Solar Cookers You will find more about all above solar cookers in my nest post. have a sunny life

Solar Parabolic Cooker SK 14

SK 14 type parabolic solar cooker is most effective and easy to operate and due to its folding design it is available in any part of the world. with cooking power of 600-700 watt it is capable of cooking for people of 10-15.


CHALLENGE FOR BELLOW POVERTY LINE PEOPLE IN WORLD Our home Earth, where 60 % or more peoples are living in the small towns and villages. One survey says that almost 60% of the total world population is living below poverty line. They have daily income ranging $2-3. During their life this people come across the following challenges. >>> Scarcity of foods & fuels. >>> Pure Drinking water. >>> Primary Education. >>> Child mortality. >>>Environment Pollution and Global warming. >>> Health, HIV/AIDS, Maleria and other diseases. >>> Power, electricity, lightings etc. These are some of the basic and very common challenges for the Peoples below poverty line. Out of this food, water and clean environment is basic need for each & every individual living on the earth. R udra Solar Energy is submitting sustainable solution Named “Rudra Solar Box Cooker” for these people with Multiple advantages. R


WHY SOLAR COOKERS ONLY? solar cookers can reduce the effect of global warming, some of the company sais that one solar cooker can reduce 1 ton of co2, a simple solar box cooker can save two lpg cylinder (each of the 14.5 kg) if it is used for the family of the 4-6 members daily two times. Just read the calculation of solar energy that comes on the earth: If we value the energy from the sun is 1,00,00,00,000 unit then the energy available on the earth is only 4 unit. Which is 2,00,000 times more than energy requirement on the whole earth. That means if we utilize the solar energy correctly and efficiently then we do not need any other energy sources. That means if only 20 % population start using the solar cooker then effect of global warming can be reduces. Other benifits of Solar cookers are NUTRITION: Temperature controlled cooking retains vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins. Uncontrolled temperature on LPG/CNG or wood leads to loss of approx. 80% of food value. TASTE: Solar cooking