Our home Earth, where 60 % or more peoples are living in the small towns and villages. One survey says that almost 60% of the total world population is living below poverty line. They have daily income ranging $2-3. During their life this people come across the following challenges.

>>> Scarcity of foods & fuels.

>>> Pure Drinking water.

>>> Primary Education.

>>> Child mortality.

>>>Environment Pollution and Global warming.

>>> Health, HIV/AIDS, Maleria and other diseases.

>>> Power, electricity, lightings etc.

These are some of the basic and very common challenges for the Peoples below poverty line. Out of this food, water and clean environment is basic need for each & every individual living on the earth.

Rudra Solar Energy is submitting sustainable solution Named

“Rudra Solar Box Cooker”

for these people with Multiple advantages.

Rudra solar cooker is simple solar box cooker with 2/4 nos of cooking pots fulfilling the 4-8 person’s cooking needs. Its life is around the 15 years or more depending upon how it is used. It is very easy to operate and not at all harmful in any respect. And finally it is designed such a way that its cost is very less compared to any other solar cooker in its range and quality.

>>>> Most of the region of the world is gifted with 330 days of sunshine and remaining with 250-275 days, thus Rudra solar cooker can save up to 70% of fuel needs for cooking and boiling. One Rudra solar cooker can save up to Two - Three LPG cylinders (14 kg each) per year. By this way Rudra Solar cooker helps in fulfilling the needs of fuel.

>>>> Generally BPL uses wood, dung cake, kerosene or crop residue as fuel. As earth is very much gifted with sunshine, Rudra solar cooker is the best substitute for these fuels. This way Rudra solar cooker is helping in saving trees and petroleum products.

>>>> This conventional fuel fire generates dangerous smokes which leads extra health hazards for Girls, Women and infants. Rudra solar cooker helps in improving the health of Girls, women and Children.

>>>> Long journeys require for gathering the Dung cake, woods, crop residue. Due to this time consuming process the girls don’t have primary education. Rudra solar cooker does not require any attention during the cooking also. Rudra Solar cooker helps them to find the time for Primary Education and utilizing extra time for income generating activity and thus Empowering Women.

>>>> This people don’t have good quality water to drink. They have to use contaminated water rich with bacteria and virus. Rudra solar cooker can pasteurize water for drinking. W.H.O. says “If water is heated at 65oC temp for 15-20 minute then it is free from bacteria and virus (Including E-coli) causing waterborne disease”. This temperature can easily be achieved in Rudra solar cooker. Rudra solar cooker can fulfill the safe drinking water.

>>>> Smoke from cooking fire is the major killer for young women in india and also the cause of low birth weight and infant mortality. Rudra solar cooker will helps to improve maternal health.

>>>> One of the common issues worldwide is Global warming. Rudra solar cooker plays the role of James Bond to fight with the Global warming. One Rudra Solar Box cooker will save 1 ton of wood/dung per year will result in reduction of 1.8 ton of carbon dioxide per year.

>>>> Cooking at the moderate temperature retains vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins. It also completes organic reaction enhancing flavor, aroma and taste. Organic compounds strengthen our immune system and defend against bacteria and virus. Food cooked in Rudra solar cooker is full of cosmic energy (life forces) which keeps one healthy and less stressed.

>>>> HIV/AIDS places an enormous economic and social burden on affected families. Obtain at least 25% more food for the ill family member whose nutritional requirements increase with time. Solar cook food gives more nutrition then the food cooked with conventional fuel and fulfills all nutritional requirement of ill member thus helps to improve immune system. Also it does not require any attention during the cooking, due to this family member can find for caring the sick one. This way Rudra solar cooker helps to fight against HIV/AIDS.

>>>> Rudra solar box cooker can also be used to pasteurize milk. It can also be used to dry the fruit, vegetables, beans, nuts, spices etc. before storing. Products dried with solar cooker or drier has good quality and long life compared to natural open sun drying. It can also be used to prepare ghee from butter. It can be used for sterilizing the utensil of infants and ill members. Thus Rudra solar cooker can help in other then cooking also.






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