Kitty Party And Solar Cooker

In the Hall all were enjoying this unique and different kind of Kitty Party accompanying almost all age group of female members of the colony. The kitty is usually planned on holidays so that everyone can participate and can share information as well as all bad and good experiences of life and to arrive at solution. The subject of this gathering is not just film, make-up, cooking, fashion, shopping and gossiping but the unusual kind of subjects like ayurveda, acupressure, home remedies and different kind of tactics, Science and technology, are the key points of discussion. The inclusion of various games, historical festivals and it’s intellectual discussion was like the icing on the cake. All were discussing with open mind on the various tips to make life easy, money saving and to earn pocket money was an interesting to find out the solution together.
As per the rules of society’s kitty everyone is supposed to show at least one creative idea. All were gathered today for kitty and it was her turn to show some creativity. One old aged lady excitedly asked her that you might be busy whole day working In office, so might not be getting time for such creative kitty right? She replied affirmatively that yes  ba , you are right it is very difficult for me to spare some time for creativity but though, I am always having strive for something innovative  which I am going to share with you all and you guys won’t just like but you all will definitely adopt it. 
Have these biscuits, cookies, Handava, Pulav and let me know how tasty  these are?  “what’s so special and creative in this?” – You may have question in your mind. You will definitely be surprised to know that all these I have made without using Gas stove or even without oven. The one more surprising element is that this I have prepared while I was doing my job at my office without any direct supervision. When I came back from my office Hot Handava and Pulav were ready to serve. I have already prepared biscuits and cookies in weekend which we are enjoying right now with relaxing time and enjoying all yours company together.
How can it be possible madam, who cooked these dishes?  I have always seen a big lock on your door while you were in office. It seems as if you have brought all these from market. Isn’t’ it ? kitty friends asked lots of question to her. No, Not at all, she replied with grace and proud that she made it all at home with one “magical box”. Reading the curious faces of all members she added “ Do you want to know about this magical box ? What is it? It is my solar cooker. I made some preparation in advance before going to office and put it into  this  solar cooker kept at the terrace, that’s it. When I was back I just brought it out of the magical box and found all tasty food ready. Isn’t it a creative idea? All have asked with curiosity to know “please give us information in detail and also show your a magical box   the solar cooker.
She said Ok, let me give you some primary information and then I will show you that magical box too.  Solar cooker is nothing but  a cooker which cooks using solar heat, It can also be used for  pasteurizing  apart from cooking. The solar heat is needed for this solar cooker so keep it under the solar light. It can be used for preparing rice-dal etc as well as it can be used for steaming the food. Handavo, Dhokla , Brinjal -bhartha etc. can be easily prepared using this machine. Just put some required water and spice and other ingredients in the cooker along with food and forget it for 4 to 5 hours and you will find everything well cooked when you will open it after 5 hours. It is also available in the market with name “Rudra Solar Cooker”. We can bake biscuits, cookies, cupcake, muffins, chevda and paua too using this magic box. In the summer season pickles also, I am using this solar cooker for making crushed mango pickle and jam too very easily without investing mush of my time. She explained to the curious audience. Further she added that all kind of fruits and vegetable can be dries in this solar cooker, so that you can enjoy any fruits and vegetables in any season. The mint powder and Amchur (dried row mango powder)made with solar cooker gives amazing aroma and taste.
You know solar cooker can also be used to convert butter into Ghee using this solar cooker? Normally when ghee in extracted from butter using traditional method, we invest hours in just mixing the butter with spoon at the slow flame to get ghee from butter which may get us tired. But the same can be easily done using solar cooker. Before going to office put all the butter in the solar cooker and when you will be back you can find ghee ready with nice aroma. All ladies were just like astonished and responded  as they were knowing about the solar cooker  that it can be used  only for  boiling rice and khichdi that’s it. They were not aware  about such innovative uses of the solar cooker.
She continued further “this is just a primary information my dear friends , the interesting and important to know about using solar cooker is great taste of the food cooked slowly and  it maintains nutritional values to get healthy food. We can avoid Overcooking and keep food warm for longer time. The most important thing is that there is no electricity required, so one time investment and almost zero cooking cost, isn’t it a saving of money and time both?
You can experiment varieties of recipes using this box. It is  of small size just like a small trolley bag and it is maintenance free . It is proved as my favorite home appliance since I purchased it. Only limitation it has is that you cannot use it during monsoon. Soon summer is going to start and we have very hot summers so make up your mind to go for solar cooker, cook  sweet healthy nutritional khir and invite me for lunch, Invite other friends and offer them they will definitely be your diehard fan.
All have found this information very useful and all have decided to go for this solar cooker immediately. Now all have the knowledge about benefits of Solar cooking that it saves money, time and efforts.  Everyone can invest their important saved time in satisfying our hobbies, outing and discussion with our kitty friends, isn’t it? Let’s first enjoy dishes made with the solar cooker and then disperse. Everyone loved the food and for next kitty all have said good bye to each other with smile and excitation to purchase solar cooker .

Arti Rathod


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