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Recently Government has issued the new price policy for LPG In India. According to this policy one family will have 6 cylinders at subsidized rates, from 7th onwards they need to pay at market rates. As per our Indian family we need at least 10 LPG cylinders per year on average basis. Rudra Solar Energy Brought the very powerful solution for this price hike. Our solar box cooker will help you out to save the 2 LPG cylinder per year. as per our customers experience using Rudra Solar Box Cookers For 300 days two times per day will help you to save Two LPG cylinders per year. With the help of Rudra Solar Box Cooker You can Boil Rise and dal. the favorite dish of every Indian Daal Rise. As well as you can make vegetables, boil Eggs, potatoes, Beans etc. you can prepare your Non- Veg Dishes also. Furthermore you can bake the cakes, breads, cookies etc. You can also use this solar cookers as your home dryers for drying lots of vegetables and Masals for long storages. Rudra Sola