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WHY SOLAR COOKERS ONLY? solar cookers can reduce the effect of global warming, some of the company sais that one solar cooker can reduce 1 ton of co2, a simple solar box cooker can save two lpg cylinder (each of the 14.5 kg) if it is used for the family of the 4-6 members daily two times. Just read the calculation of solar energy that comes on the earth: If we value the energy from the sun is 1,00,00,00,000 unit then the energy available on the earth is only 4 unit. Which is 2,00,000 times more than energy requirement on the whole earth. That means if we utilize the solar energy correctly and efficiently then we do not need any other energy sources. That means if only 20 % population start using the solar cooker then effect of global warming can be reduces. Other benifits of Solar cookers are NUTRITION: Temperature controlled cooking retains vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins. Uncontrolled temperature on LPG/CNG or wood leads to loss of approx. 80% of food value. TASTE: Solar cooking