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CHALLENGE FOR BELLOW POVERTY LINE PEOPLE IN WORLD Our home Earth, where 60 % or more peoples are living in the small towns and villages. One survey says that almost 60% of the total world population is living below poverty line. They have daily income ranging $2-3. During their life this people come across the following challenges. >>> Scarcity of foods & fuels. >>> Pure Drinking water. >>> Primary Education. >>> Child mortality. >>>Environment Pollution and Global warming. >>> Health, HIV/AIDS, Maleria and other diseases. >>> Power, electricity, lightings etc. These are some of the basic and very common challenges for the Peoples below poverty line. Out of this food, water and clean environment is basic need for each & every individual living on the earth. R udra Solar Energy is submitting sustainable solution Named “Rudra Solar Box Cooker” for these people with Multiple advantages. R