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Solar Cooking Worksohps For Crteating Awareness About Solar Cooking for future generation

Recently one of the largest solar cooking workshop done at Jalna, Maharashtra. In this workshop total 2200 students had taken part and made 2200 solar panel cooker under guidance and made there meal at their own and created milestone in the world. This acitivity is recorded in the Limca Books Of records and one of the most awareness creating event for solar cooking in india. Solar panel cookers are best for cooking of low profile peoples at bottom of the pyramid. This Solar Cookers are capable for cooking of family of 4. and also very cheap in cost. Rudra Solar Cookers

Solar Cooker Business In India

India is very much blessed with morethen 250 days of sunny. And peoples need food at its very basic needs. Solar Cookers are one of the best device for utilizing the solar radiation heat. It directly converts the solar radiation in to heat for preaparing the food. Solar Cookers available in many different capacity as per the needs of the peoples. india have all kind of solar cookers consumners. Starting from the family of 4-5 to big communities of 50000 meals at a time. as per the different needs of the peoples here there are classification of solar cookers. Familiy Of 4-5 you need the Solar Box Cookers with 4 containers or you can have solar parabolic cookers foor domestic use which can cook for the family of 8-10. If you have united family of the size 8-10 nos. you have to use the parabolic domestic cooker. which can utilize 5 ltr pressure cooker. and cookes your faviourite dishes in just 35-40 minutes. Going furtther if the community size is 15-20 you need slightly big solar

Corporate Social Responsibility & Solar Cookers

"CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY"  ONGC is celebrating the Oil and Gas Conservation Fort Night at TENA village, near Olpad, Surat Gujarat. Since last three yrs ongc is gifting Solar Box Cookers to Villagers. In the effort of conserving petrolium products ONGC is doing efforts through this CSR events. You can see the Rudra Solar Box Cookers gifted by the ONGC staff to villagers. For More details about Solar Cookers And CSR Projects mail us at