Rudra Solar Domestic Parabolic Cooker

Rudra Solar's Domestic Parabolic Solar Cooker 

Rudra Solar Brings the fastest and the toughest Parabolic Dish cooker for cooking of family of 8-10. It is one of the best solution for the LPG price hike and fast cooking needs of India. 

here are the technical specs of the Rudra Solar's Domestic Parabolic Cooker

Size Installed for use 1300 x 1300 x 1000 (+/- 10) mm
When packed 1280 X 360 X 90 (+/- 10) mm
Weight 17 Kg max
Shape Square Parabolic
Structure Completely Folding Structure, MS fabricated Design as per MNRE Specification
Reflector Size Square 1.2 mtr x 1.2 mtr 
Reflector Material 0.3 mm thick High reflectivity(> 0.90) Anodized alluminium Sheet
Castor Wheels Made of industrial Plastic grade 4 nos.
Support Stand made of MS pipes 40mm x 20mm 
Cooking Tray Made of Ms fabricated to hold the cooking pots and the Pressure Cooker capacity 5Ltr.
Tracking Manually with the help of Shadow indicator and castor wheels.
Finish Attaractive powder coated finish
Focal point size Approximaate 125 mm
Shadow indicator Pin point for enabling the efficient tracking.
Temperature Range During the bright sunny days the temperature at cooking pot is arount 250-300 oC
Cooking Capacity It is designed to cook for 8-10 persons in 30 to 40 minutes.
Cooker's Life It is designed for give you the best cooking efficiency up to 10 yrs How ever it depends on How it is being Use, The structure life is near 20 yrs and the reflecting sheet will give you best efficiency up to 5 yrs.
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