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Kitty Party And Solar Cooker In the Hall all were enjoying this unique and different kind of Kitty Party accompanying almost all age group of female members of the colony. The kitty is usually planned on holidays so that everyone can participate and can share information as well as all bad and good experiences of life and to arrive at solution. The subject of this gathering is not just film, make-up, cooking, fashion, shopping and gossiping but the unusual kind of subjects like ayurveda, acupressure, home remedies and different kind of tactics, Science and technology, are the key points of discussion. The inclusion of various games, historical festivals and it’s intellectual discussion was like the icing on the cake. All were discussing with open mind on the various tips to make life easy, money saving and to earn pocket money was an interesting to find out the solution together. As per the rules of society’s kitty everyone is supposed to show at least one creative idea.