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Concentrating Solar Cookers

Earlier we have seen the solar box Cookers. Now we will discuss about the Concentrating Solar Cookers also Known As Parabolic Solar Cookers. This type of solar cookers are very much used in all over the world due to the faster cooking ability. They are also known as solar dish cookers. As per the constructional point of view there are many design available in this type of solar cookers. Main Parts Of Concentrating Solar Cookers As per the figure you can have a idea about the simple construction of concentrating solar cookers. The main Parts are Reflecting Structure: Mainly all concentrating solar cookers are made with parabolic shape in circular or rectangular profile. Reflecting material can be anodized aluminium sheet, reflecting mirror or any other reflecting media with reflectivity more then or equal to 90. This will reflect all the sun rays to one focal point known as focus of the parabola. Cooking Pot: At the focus of the parabola the heat is maximum due to concentration of th