Rudra Solar Box Cooker

This one of the best Solar Box Cooker In India as per the conviniancy and usage. Rudra Solar Box Cooker is capable of cooking for 1 family of 4-5 persons. And Best suited Design since 1960.  hers is the technical specification of Rudra Solar Box Cookers

Size Without Packing 500 x 500 x 170 (+/- 10) mm
With Packing 525 X 525 X 250 (+/- 10) mm
Weight 13.5 Kg max
Shape Square
Design As per IS13429
Outer Box Hign Glossy Finish Alluminium Sheet
Cooking Pots 4 nos Alluminium Dia 160mm, Height 70mm, Top Cover Matt Black Powder Coated
Castor Wheels Ball bearings as per IS5932 4 Nos
Insulation With Thermal Resistance 0.96m2oC/W At side 25mm At Bottom 50mm thick
Cooking Tray Made of Alluminium, Bottom Size 325 x 325 (+/- 5) mm,Height 70(+/- 5) mm, Thickness 0.5mm, Matt Black Powder Coated Finish
Useful Cooking Area 375 x 375  (+/- 10) mm
Reflecting Mirror Of standard Quality 468 x 468 x 3mm Free from bubbles and weaviness plaing float glass mirror 
Heat Trapping Glass Two nos Size 468 x 468 x 3mm Free from bubbles and weaviness plaing float glass 
Heat Trapping Gasket Durable High Temperature Rubber to prevent heat escape
Temperature Range During the bright sunny days 120oC to 140 oC
Cooking Capacity It is designed to cook for the family of 4-5
Cooker's Life It is designed for give you the best cooking efficiency up to 10 yrs How ever it depends on How it is being Use

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